Membership Information Forms:

LFA - FAA Helpline Contacts:

Kathy Bourassa - Administrator at Big Sky Feeder Association Co-op

Ph: 403 553 3879  Cell: 403 894 8815  Email: 

Lynda Miller - Administrator at St. Paul Feeder Association Co-op

Ph: 780-645-4207  Cell: 780-210-1520  Email:


The FAA Manual of Directives and Procedures (Revised Jan 23 2019)

2019-2020 Monthly Admin Submission Form Fillable

Weekly Cattle Market Update - For Equity Advances

1A. Application Form Individual Membership

1B. Membership Information Form for Corporations, Join Ventures & Partnerships


3. Member Agreement

4. Shareholder Guarantee

5. Power of Attorney

6. Resolution of the Board of Directors

7A. Financing Statement - Cattle 

7B. Financing Change Statement

7C. Financing Statement - Sheep

8. Subordination Letter

9. Priority Agreement 2018 - Fillable

10. PMSI Notice

11. Purchase Order

12 Livestock Supply Form 2012 Fillable

13. Security Interest Waiver 2018 - Fillable

14. Equity Loan Promissory Note

15a Statement of Disclosure - Fixed Rate 2018

15b Statement of Disclosure - Floating Rate 2018

16. Custom Feedlot Agreement

17. Notice of Bylaw Change   

18. FAA Bylaws



20. LIS Bill of Sale

21. Livestock Manifest

22. Equity Draw Inspection Report

23. Equity Draw Worksheet

24. Partial Sales Worksheet

25. Security Declaration

26.Assignment of Indemnity for WLPIP

27. Supervisors Log Book

28. LIS 47B Letter of Authorization

29. Monthend Summary Family Feedlot Account

Complete PDF Package

LIS - Brand Error Declaration F-4

Alberta Agriculture and Forestry Feeders Program website

Livestock Indemnity Trust Program:

Livestock Indemnity Trust Policy Manual Revision 1.4

2019-20 Monthly Premium Plan A and B Worksheet Template

2019-20 Monthly Premium Plan C and D Worksheet Template

Indemnity Sample Dead Claim Form

Documents and Forms

ABFI Compound Interest Calculator 2019.10.01

LIS - Brand Error Declaration F-4


PIPA Agreement

Breeder Finance Producer Agreement

LFA Recommendation Letter

Shareholder’s Guarantee

Power of Attorney

Resolution of the Board of Directors

Priority Agreement

Purchase Order

Livestock Supply Form

ABFI Invoice

Security Interest Waiver

Letter - Private Sales

Statement of Disclosure

Custom Care Agreement

LIS Bill of Sale

Partial Sale Worksheet

Inspection Report

Dead Form

LFA Checklist - Individual

LFA Checklist - Corporation

LFA Checklist - Joint

Begin the Relief from Interest Costs

Corporate Partnership / Joint Application

2019-20 Application Joint or Corporation

Individual Application

2019-20 Application Individual

Interest Rebate Procedure Manual - For Local Feeder Associations

Begin the Process of Smart Money Management for your Livestock and Grain Operation Now!

On May 1, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) announced INCREASED LIMITS for the 2019-20 Advance Payment Program. Please see the attached link for the official news release and Quick facts 

Highlights of the increased cash advance funds include: Maximum loan limit increases from $400,000 to $1 million on all commodities, Interest-free portion of canola advances from $100,000 t0 $500,000 and Interest-free on all other commodities remains at $100,000. The maximum loan limit increase to $1 million will be a permanent APP amendment for all producers.

Producers will be able to apply for the new amounts as early as June 10 and new advances above $400,000 will be issued as of June 26, 2019. Please call WeCAP at 1-844-333-3377 or email for more information or to begin processing your paperwork to access these increases.

Sole Proprietor

2019 Application for Sole Proprietor (Alberta & Saskatchewan)

Partnership / Corporation / Cooperative

2019 Application for Corporate Entities (Alberta & Saskatchewan)

2019 Personal Guarantee for Corporate Entities

Advance Worksheets

2019 Advance Worksheet for Agricultural Product in Production

2019 Advance Worksheet for Agricultural Product in Post-Production (Harvested Crops) or In Storage

2019 Advance Worksheet - AgriStability Option (Livestock)

2019 Advance Worksheet for Livestock Advance - WLPIP Option

Request for Increase / Renewals

2019 Advance Worksheet - AgriStability Option - Request for Increase

2019 Advance Worksheet For Livestock Advance - WLPIP Option - Request for Renewal or Increase

Please remember to Print off your Application, Sign where applicable then Fax or Email ALL pages of the Application and Worksheets and documents in to us:

Fax:  1-888-840-8107


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